Gradient Services offer a vast range of forging services in ferrous and non-ferrous materials from small drop hammer to large hydraulic presses. Our facilities include full smelting and heat treatment capabilities.

Forging weights are from a few hundred grams to 350 tonnes. Materials up to a five tonne ingot are processed by the Electro-slag Refinement process. Gradient Services forges a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys in eight metal families, including alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, tool steel, aluminum, copper, nickel and titanium.

Forgings can be produced to specification for metal alloys including AISI, ASTM, AMS, API, SAE, ASME, AWS, JIS and GB in many custom forged shapes and heat treated conditions to achieve critical physical properties, such as tensile, yield, elongation and reduction of area for the desired end use as specified by the purchaser.

Forgings can be supplied proof machined or machine finished. This offers several key advantages to the customer both from a cost perspective and risk limitation.

We work with open die, closed die, and ring forging processes and can supply rough, proof or finished machined components forged from any type or grade of stainless or alloy steel. Additionally, we provide high quality blocks, shafts and bar stock in a variety of profiles. Perfect for parts with intricate internal and external geometric features, as well as large and heavy parts, our casting services provide you with close tolerance components that require little, if any additional finishing.

All forgings are supplied with material chemistry and mechanical certificates. Additional testing and certification is available upon request.