Gradient Services provide custom made, ferrous and non-ferrous castings from one off requirements to mass production quantities.

Casting is a manufacturing process where a solid is melted, heated to proper temperature and poured into a cavity or mold which contains it in the proper shape during solidification. Thus, in a single step, simple or complex shapes can be made from any metal that can be melted. The resulting product can have virtually any configuration the designer desires.

Cast parts range in size from a fraction of a centimetre and a few grams, to over 200 tonnes. Casting has marked advantages in the production of complex shapes, parts having hollow sections or internal cavities, containing irregular curved surfaces, are very large and those made from metals that are difficult to machine. Because of these obvious advantages, casting is one of the most important of the manufacturing processes.

Gradient Services can be provided as cast, proof machined or finished machined. This offers several key advantages to the customer both from a cost perspective and risk limitation.

With over 10 years experience and a highly skilled technical team, we can fulfil the individual demands and requirements of various industries. We provide a complete service from the mold development, die-casting products production, to fabricating, product assembly and delivery.

Our foundries are ISO9001 certified and guarantee the products they supply. All castings are supplied with material chemistry and mechanical certificates. Additional testing and certification is available on request.

Available Processes